About Us

W.L. Enterprises is a part of the W.L. Family of Companies. The purposes of our companies is to help our clients to maximize the utilization of their resources by engineering the right solutions for their material handling & management systems. We will listen carefully to our customer’s needs and make sure that they reach their highest potentials while keeping costs to a minimum. Our customers benefit from having a relationship with a company that can provide all the services needed to design,  implement, maintain and service any type of facility they require to be successful.

W.L. Installers, Inc. started June of 1992 in Minneapolis, MN doing all types of installations of conveyor systems, pallet racks, etc. We relocated to South Florida in 1993 and soon became a Licensed Florida General Contractor and Licensed Transport Assembly Master for Dade & Broward County.

Headquartered in Hollywood, FL W. L. Installers has enjoyed growth between 30-50% annually for two decades. The company consists of W.L. Installers, Inc. which is the reliable nationwide installation services that have been doing small to multi-million dollar installations for nearly 20 full years. W.L. Construction which handles all the general contracting duties and permitting in the state of Florida. W.L. Energy Systems was created to make sure our customers always have the most energy-efficient lighting, temperature control and other environmental systems available. W.L. Electrical Services is here to provide the power you need when and where you want it. With all the licenses, insurances, equipment, tools, training and experience, W.L. Enterprises is the right choice for your next project.