WL Enterprises offers a diverse line of energy-efficiency products providing an alternative to the inefficient, old-technology, high-intensity discharge fixtures (HID’s). Our integrated products save energy and reduce the amount of harmful greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere. The wide array of options available promises just the right option for effective use in your application.

The decision to install a WL Enterprises lighting system is full of reward, with no risk. Besides increasing light quality, the return on your investment is compelling. In fact, the resulting energy savings typically offsets the cost of the fixtures in less than 3 years. Think about it – every month your organization pays an electric bill from the money you’ve already budgeted. But since WL Energy guarantees monthly energy savings, you will actually realize a positive monthly cash flow. In a sense, you’re already paying for this technology, and you’re not even using it! It’s time to take advantage of WL Energy’s “no risk – big reward” guarantee. It’s time to learn what many companies in South Florida have already learned